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Who we are

A team that loves to work hard and create

Our team of experienced sales managers, engineers and specialists support, manufacturers and companies with specialized solutions to assist in purchasing row materials and selling their products.

What we do

Keep it simple


PGP GROUP is one of the leading firms in international trade. We have a great reputation for offering the products with highest quality and the best price. Our professional staff have enabled us to make excellent sales.

When it comes to working with our partners, we are governed by three simple ideas: collaboration, fairness and source locally. More than 80% of our business partners has been worked with us for a decade or longer and we work very closely with them to develop the products and services our customers love.

We have the capacity to provide high quality products with an excellent customer service not only in the Middle East and Australia but around the world. We believe reputation is gained by long lasted high-quality products and forever lasted commitment to our customers.